On July 20th 1969, for the first and only time, the world stood still and watched. Not in response to violence, threat, or war. But to witness our own race achieve something much grander than we’d ever believed capable. Mankind had extended its hand out into space, and claimed the moon. 
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At To The Moon Clothing we are more than just a clothing brand, and our message reaches further than fashion. We want people to be inspired and amazed by space exploration again. We want to make space cool again! If you agree and want to help the cause then welcome to the family!

  How to Help

  • Why not become one of our promoters? That way you spread the message and earn yourself free clothing at the same time! Click here to check out our promotion scheme and how to help To The Moon Clothing. 

  • Begin tagging on all social media platforms with #thespacemovement

  • Read, share, like, post, comment on everything and anything you find interesting about space! Connect with blogs, organisations and anything you find that is promoting a similar idea! Not only will this get the ball rolling, it can create social media trends and also boost website SEO's!

  • By promoting this idea we in turn encourage a more harmonious world . The greatest gift an interest in astronomy can give us, is the imagination and curiosity to ponder our own existence.

    The contemplation of celestial things will make a man both speak and think more sublimely and magnificently when he descends to human affairs. - Marcus Tullius Cicero 30BCE

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