Are you interested in free promotional merchandise?

As a small, independent business it is difficult to get established. That's where you can help. Use social networks and your friendship groups to help spread the word about To The Moon Clothing and earn yourself some free merchandise! 

How does it work?

If you're interested in promoting then send a message via the 'Contact' tab on this website with your email address and any links to websites/profiles you intend to use in your promoting.

Once we've accepted you as a promoter you will have your own promotional code. This code will give customers a 5% discount.
When you promote our brand, supply people with this code. They can then use it at the checkout, so that we can see every time you've promoted our brand.

What merchandise can you earn?

Each time someone makes a purchase on our website and enters your unique promotional code, you will have earned yourself 1 point. These points can then be redeemed for free To The Moon Clothing merchandise.

1 point - 20% off any t-shirt

2 points - 20% off any t-shirt + free badge pack and keyring

3 points - 30% off a zip-up / 20% off sweater

4 points - Free t-shirt of your choice (free p+p)

5 points - Free t-shirt + badge pack and keyring (free p+p)

6 points - Free sweatshirt of your choice (free p+p)

How can you promote?

Promotion via social media is really simple. Share our pictures and website on your facebook, twitter, and/or any blogs you run. Including our URL and your unique code in any promotions will help ensure the people you connect with are checking our store and earning you points!

iPhone or Android user? Go to your relevant app store and download the application 'IFTTT' aka 'If This Then That'. This is a notification based application that will allow you to keep track of our social media channels. Download the app and search 'to the moon'. Amongst the results you will find 'recipes' created by us that you can enable to receive notifications whenever we upload to twitter, instagram or our blog. This way, we've made it super easy for you to keep up-to-date with what and when to promote.

For instructions on how to use the app click here


How do I know I have points?
As each promoter has a unique code, we can determine which sales have been as a result of which promoter. Each point you earn, we will send you an email with your points tally and your entitlement.

How do I use my points?
To use your points you must make us aware of what entitlement you are choosing. This is best done via the 'Contact' tab on the website. Let us know how many points you are using, and what item you require. We will then supply you with a redemption code. This will be required at the store checkout.

When will I get my points?
Once you have notified us of your intention to use points, how many, and for which item; we will endeavour to give you your redemption code within 24 hours.

Do points and rewards add up?
Unfortunately, no.
While you can let your points accumulate, you cannot use a point more than once. For instance, 2 points does not get you both 20% off a t-shirt, and also another 20% off plus free badges and a keyring. Also, once a promoter has reached 6 points, no more points will be added until they have been used.

Can I split my points?
Yes. If, for example, you have 6 points and would like to use 4 for a free t-shirt, and 2 for 20% off plus free badges and keyring, this can be done. However, you must first contact us and let us know how you want to use your points, so that the relevant discount scenario can be created.

Can I gain myself points?
No. While you can use your own Promoter's code to get yourself a discount online, unfortunately you cannot gain yourself points. The idea behind the promotion scheme is to spread the word by involving new customers. But don't worry, we are a team who care about rewarding loyalty, and so if you are a frequent shopper it will not go unnoticed!

Is there a spending limit for gaining points?
Yes. Points can only be earned on transactions that are £5 and over. This figure does not include p+p costs.

I have enough points for an item but you do not have it in my size.
Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done about this due to the small run of designs we print. We create a limited number of each clothing so that our designs stay fresh, unique and different.

We recommend that if there is a certain item you have your eye on, rather than waiting for 4 points, use 1,2, or 3 points to get the item discounted!

I received my free clothing but want to change my mind
Unfortunately, free items cannot be returned unless they are faulty or need to be exchanged for a different size. If a different size is needed, the item must be  returned in a re-saleable condition. Exchanges are dependent on sizes available, and return p+p costs are to be paid by you (the promoter).

For any queries not covered in the above FAQ, use the 'Contact' tab to get in touch with us.

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